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    Fall is upon us…

    Here are a few tips to help keep your home claim free this fall and winter 1) Check your roof to ensure it is in good condition. 2) Clean your eaves to help prevent ice damming. 3) Make sure your downspouts are directed away from your foundations. 4) Have your furnace serviced. 5) If you […]

    Pros and Cons of Telematics Car Insurance

    The computer aided electronic technology or Telematics is changing the future of automobiles. Telematics insurance is also called black box on the basis of its operations. In black box insurance, a small black device is attached in the vehicle which records the speed and distance and helps you track the vehicle in case of theft […]

    ATV Rules & Safety in Northern Ontario

    By far, the most popular utility and recreational vehicles in Northern Ontario are ATVs & UTVs. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you obtain an ATV/UTV quote from your insurance provider and adhere to the rules of ATV/UTV safety. While very fun, these vehicles are among the most dangerous consumer products on the market. With […]